I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.
— Muhummad Ali

I am currently working as full-time R&D engineer at RedHat, having fun hacking LLVM.

I am interested in many research fields and try hard to focus on:


My PhD's research subject was building source-to-source compilers for heterogeneous machines. I am very grateful to my advisors, François Irigoin and Ronan Keryell with whom I shared a really nice piece of scientific (and more) life.

Most of my PhD activities focused on the enhancement of the PIPS project. I contributed to

I also tried hard to improve (?) some engineering aspects of PIPS, mainly by porting the build infrastructure to autotools and enforce the use of PyPs.

Past Projects

I have been involved in the following projects, and as time flies I am still in touch with them :p